Shores Adoption Fundraising Update

We have successfully completed Phase 1 of our adoption plan!  OK, so these aren’t official phases.  I actually separated this process into four distinct phases (homestudy, dossier, referral, and travel), because it helps me to swallow this elephant of a goal when I can eat it bite by bite.  With one of those tiny shrimp forks.  Thanks to the help of many of you, we’ve raised (and paid out to our agency) $6,946.32!  We’ve also finally completed our home study and are simply waiting for our social worker to finish writing it up to make it official.  We have about a month or so to raise the $3,726.66 needed for Phase 2, which will get our dossier sent off and then we will wait a few months for our referral, when our child will be matched with us.  We have already received a $1,000 grant (which I’ve already figured into the bolded total mentioned above), and will be applying for other grants once the home study paperwork is finalized.  We have a donations-based yard sale scheduled for June 30th and are thankful to those of you who have made flat donations or purchased unique bracelets from our Almost Africa Etsy shop and from my new Jamberry Nails online store, as I am now an independent consultant for this really cool product (if you don’t already know what these are, click over and find out–and feel free to make a purchase while you’re there or let me know if you want to host an in-home party).

Here’s the breakdown of the upcoming costs:


CIS Application Fee:  $890.00

3rd Agency Fee:  $1,916.66 (with grant applied)

FedEx fees (dossier sent to agency):  $45.00

FedEx fees (authentication shipping):  $300.00

Dossier Authentication:  $575.00