Adoption Update 9.25.12

If you haven’t given up on us, yet, you’ll notice that it’s been over three months since I last updated about our adoption.  Although we’ve been extremely busy working multiple jobs, serving in various ministry capacities, homeschooling, and beading bracelets until our eyes cross, please know that I have, in fact, written and rewritten this post several times in my head and though it always sounds a little different, depending upon the mood I’m in, the message is the same.  (My melancholy version was extremely touching.  It would have brought tears to your eyes.  Lucky for you, though, today I am mostly sarcastic, with a hint of snark.)  I also have some great accounts of how God has provided for us thus far that I want to highlight here, but at this point, I just need to get an update out, so I’ll start by clarifying where we are now, first.

The biggest announcement right now is that our dossier was sent off to Ethiopia last month.  At the beginning of September, we learned that we are #71 in line to receive a referral.  We were also warned that while we may move up the list some months, we need to accept that at other times we might not.  It all depends upon what happens with those who are farther ahead than we are in their adoption process and also with what is happening in the world of international adoption politics at any given moment.  That, and the fact that God is sovereign and his timing is perfect.  In July, we were warned that our adoption might take 11-12 months to complete, and we are currently at peace with that pace.  In a few days, we’ll receive our current ranking, though, and are, of course, hoping that it is lower than 71.

Financially speaking, we are in (the unofficial) Phase 3 of our process, during which we wait for a referral and raise the money necessary to accept it.   I was uncertain with where we stood (because I couldn’t find the time to do accurate “book math” and my “head math” was seriously flawed) until I finally added it up with a calculator the other day.  We need $9,000 in order to accept the referral of one child.  We currently have $4579.28 of that, leaving us in need of roughly $4,420.  That’s over halfway there!  (After that, we will still have the travel expenses of Phase 4 to fund.  One thing at a time, Linds, one thing at a time.)

Thank you for bearing with us and continuing to pray.  Please consider making a donation to our adoption or purchasing an item from our store at  We now have T-shirts which can be pre-ordered there.