Blessings Along the Road to Addis, Part 1

Documenting God’s Amazing Provision in the Midst of Our Adoption Process

Our finances as a family were fairly stable prior to our commitment to adopt.   We didn’t have a lot of excess cash, but we were at least capable of paying our bills and taking care of the occasional car repair or doctor’s fee.  However, when we first began discussing the topic in the spring of 2010, our air conditioner and furnace began to act strangely and seemed to need some work.  Though the problem soon resolved itself, a branch fell and crushed our backyard shed a short time later.  We had to replace it, so we put our adoption talk on hold.  We convinced ourselves that the responsible thing to do was to take care of ourselves first.  We dragged our feet, knowing the whole time that we were being disobedient, but committing to further pursue this path once we were “financially stable enough”—whatever that means.  I felt a twinge of guilt every time someone asked how our investigation into adoption was going.  “It’s not,” I’d think to myself.  “We’re still looking into it,” I’d answer aloud.  Then, I’d recall the Somalis we met in Djibouti whose earthly riches were contained entirely within a herd of camels.  In a matter of days, a mysterious disease could wipe out the entire herd, and devastate any family’s desert “bank account.”  How precarious is our wealth.

Over the course of the next couple of years, we came to trust God’s provision more than our own.  At the end of January 2012, we submitted our application at an adoption conference at the ministry center down the street, walked home, and, upon entering the house, heard the furnace suddenly, and permanently, give up its fight.  First, we spent a few hours in denial, then we prayed about it, and finally we called an HVAC worker who announced that it not only was irreparably broken, but it was actually sending a small amount of carbon monoxide back into the basement.  Relieved that by this point it was already March and unseasonably warm, we asked a few companies to come out with estimates and expected that we could save up and put it off until fall.

We were caught completely off-guard one day in the summer, when Marty, a member of our former church who is also in the HVAC business (US AIR Heating and Air Conditioning) called us with the news that his company was offering to donate a furnace and that he and his son Cody would drive the three-and-a-half hours north to install it themselves!  This was a blessing we never could have foreseen, but it has reminded us, as my friend says, that God “does not call the equipped, but he equips the called.”

It’s cold here this morning and when I awoke and felt the warm heat escaping from the floor vents, I thought of Marty and his family.  I thought of how his wife Tracie read that we were in need and asked him if there wasn’t something they could do to help.  I thought of Mt. Hermon Baptist Church and how the new furnace was channeled through them to us.  And I thought of the Body of Christ and how it is working together to bring a yet unknown orphan into a small, but warm, home in Louisville.  I want to remember this.

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