Blessings Along the Road to Addis, Part 3

Documenting God’s Amazing Provision in the Midst of Our Adoption Process

We are simply amazed at the ways in which God is providing for our adoption of three sisters from Ethiopia!  [Read our referral story here.]  We just have to recount some of them here for God’s glory and to preserve them for our own memories!  Please be blessed by these stories.

On the other hand, we don’t want anyone to feel guilty about what they can or cannot give (not that anyone has expressed this to me, but I want to make sure that we are emphasizing grace and freedom rather than pressure and guilt).  We are well-aware that we are hammering on this right now on social media (because we have less than a week to raise several thousand dollars).  Fortunately, we believe that God leads different people to respond to such requests in different ways.  Not everyone who reads about our adoption will give money to bring our girls home.  Nor should they.  But others will hear our story and know, simply know, that they have heard it for a reason and that God is leading them to write a check immediately.  The amazing thing is that God wants us to be obedient to the Holy Spirit, rather than to a blog post or Facebook update.  So we just wanted to clarify that if you don’t give financially to our adoption, we aren’t judging you!  Please, live in grace!  However, if you know that he is leading to do so, we will be extremely thankful for your generosity and obedience to God.

We do want to share this story that we received in a message a couple of days ago (the giver asked to remain anonymous publicly so that all glory would go to God):


I have a story for you, a story of an awesome God. In December, we had been looking over our finances and talking about how we were struggling. We needed $1000 for bills, $1000 to put into savings and about $1000 for our mission trip in July. I told B— “it’s not like God is just gonna drop $1000 in our lap out of the blue”. We prayed and asked God to remind us how He takes care of everything. Our whole move here, B—’s job, He has taken care of all of the details and instantly, which has been pretty amazing since God usually likes to remind us how His timing is perfect. So we have seen God do all this amazing stuff and we were having a human moment and worrying and just prayed for God to remind us how He’s got it all under control and so forth. That Sunday, B— preached on faith. That Sunday afternoon, someone put an envelope in B—’s office with nothing on it but our name and inside was $1000. Overwhelming to say the least, remember, I had specifically said “it’s not like God is just gonna drop $1000 in our lap out of the blue” and yet here it was. A clear message from God to have faith (B—’s message). Very humbling and since it was obviously directly from God, we wanted to make sure and use it in the right place, how He meant for it to be used. We prayed as a family for God to show us what to do with it. We hadn’t felt any direct leading so we just put it in the bank and have let it sit until we felt how we are supposed to use it. This morning the $1000 crossed my mind regarding your situation and instantly I did the whole, that’s me not God, He provided that for us. The same thing crossed B—’s mind this morning and he also had the same instant reaction. When I showed him your message saying what was going on, he told me what had crossed his mind and his reaction and I told him the same had crossed my mind and I also had the same reaction and we knew, we knew what God intended for us to do with it. We talked with [our daughter] and as a family we prayed about it and we know. We know God blessed us with a gift that he intends to go to you. B— also preached this past Sunday and in his sermon talked about how He asks us if we are willing to give it all up and follow God where he leads, to pick up your cross and go no questions asked. Lindsay, God blessed us in a God way showing his faithfulness and reminding us how He is in control and for the first time since receiving that gift we know what He wants us to do with it. It was meant for you guys all along, He just wanted to show us His awesomeness in it.

We were amazed by this awesome story of God’s provision for both families.  I also want to share a couple of thoughtful notes we received from people who donated smaller amounts through PayPal.  It’s important to note that we don’t know either of these individuals personally, but that they are friends of friends who saw reposts of our blog.  (Your reposts really are helping!):

I don’t know you, but saw a posted prayer request for you on my homeschool list, here in Louisville, KY and went to your blog. Reading about your faith has encouraged me and I just wanted to send a little help, along with a prayer that others will add to it and God will bless your faith immeasurably more. Please don’t bother to thank me, just give it all to Jesus and keep your faith.

And another:

I don’t know you, but heard your families story through a friend on FB. I am praying for you and asking God to bless your commitment to love His children!

We ask everyone to continue praying, reposting our story, and if you feel led to give $5 or $500 in the next few days, we greatly appreciate it and will praise God for his blessing our adoption through you.  Additionally, enjoy living in his grace today!

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