(My husband David Alan wrote down a few thoughts about Joseph’s adoption this past week.  Please enjoy.  Also, now that the adoption is complete, we’ll be doing that iPad drawing in the next few days.  Somebody’s getting a nice Christmas present!  –Lindsay)

I’ve been thinking a lot about what happened for us on Tuesday. FINALIZATION. It sounds so formal and complete. We know, however, that the process of helping Joseph to understand that he is fully a Shores will take a great deal more than a judge’s pronouncement. We know the process of weaving his talents and contributions into the family tapestry are only beginning, not ending. What is hopefully ending is the wonder and doubt in his mind.
The process of adoption easily lends itself to easily to a discussion of spiritual adoption. That, of course, is true of Tuesday.As I focus on it, I tend to end up thinking about the bigger picture. “What does this experience tell us about God?” Here are of few of my very random and scattered thoughts:

1. Final:  When the judge declared that Joseph is indeed a Shores, it was final. No amount of changed minds or regret can take him away from our family and move him back into his former home. Because we won’t let it.

2.  Grace:  Joseph’s status within our family was not secured by his good behavior or ability to follow rules. He has not worked his way into the family by proving himself worthy. He was pursued and secured by Lindsay’s and my own desire and will. He did not start it or seek it out. Rather we sought him and fought to secure his place in our family. How could someone miss this clear reflection of God? We were lost and dead. We could do nothing. He pursued and fought for us.

3.  Come as you are:  Joseph has come through some terrible experiences and situations. Way too many for someone of his age. Some were way beyond his control. We did not ask him to fix all these issues before we went forward with him Tuesday. In fact, we said “yes” so that he has the chance to move forward. I feel that as followers of Christ, we too often forget that it was “while we were still sinners, Christ died for us,” (Romans 5:8).

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