What If?

I’ve often tried to “rethink” why we as believers do what we do.  My first question is always:  Is it biblical?  Many of the things that we do in church are not necessarily biblical (rather they are based more upon tradition or culture), but neither are they harmful.  Some are actually practical and helpful.  Other things that we do, however, in our churches and in our lives as believers, steal emphasis away from Christ and place it upon ourselves.  Our desires.  Our feelings.  Our enjoyment.  Our happiness.  Our comfort.  I beg you to think outside of the box of traditional American church-ianity, and live out the commands of Scripture, rather than the expectations of culture. 

What if:

  • Our children played pick-up soccer games with the neighborhood kids, building relationships with them, rather than playing on a traveling team with a demanding (and exhausting) schedule?
  • Our homes were open and prepared for visits from our neighbors and we were not afraid that they would steal our stuff or track mud onto the rug or invade our down time?
  • We gave our time, energy, and money, whenever led by the Spirit, to those who are in need without depending upon a middle man?
  • We trusted the Holy Spirit to direct our lives rather than talk show hosts and self-help books?
  • We gave freely to others, acknowledging that we would have nothing if not for God’s goodness to us?
  • Instead of depending upon the church coffee shop, book store, and gym, we ventured into public venues seeking to be salt and light there?
  • We gave the money that we invest into elaborate church building projects to mission’s agencies in order to see God’s glory proclaimed among the nations?
  • We did not fail to think on both the great suffering and the great faith of our brothers and sisters who believe in other parts of the world?
  • We never failed to forget that the church is not the building, but the believers?
  • We let Jesus have all of us; really, all of us?