The Kids’ Mother’s Day Survey 2014

This Mother’s Day is especially poignant for me, since it was only last Mother’s Day that we boarded a plane to Ethiopia in order to meet our girls and appear in court to officially adopt them. We’ve all been roomies for a little over ten months now, which is just long enough for them to have formed some interesting opinions of their mom. This is good, because when DA asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day, I said simply, “To laugh. A lot.” He’s a good husband. I got what I requested.

The kids were interviewed separately. Some of these answers are surprisingly accurate, some are ridiculously false, and there are several that I wish were more true—but somehow, by God’s grace, my kids seem to have discerned my intentions, despite my failure in sometimes following through. They actually said much more than I included here, and it was all very kind. Many answers were of a more personal nature, though, so I’m mostly only posting the funniest responses. I think this (abridged) Q&A was the perfect gift, as well as a humorous family update.

1. What is something Mom always says to you?

  • “That she loves me.  That I’m precious.” –Lydia, 12-ish
  • “I love you, you are my precious baby.” –Abigail, 7
  • “Me, I love you.” –Ruby, 7-ish
  • “I love you.  Go to bed.” –Isaiah, 5

2. What makes Mom happy?

  • “When we help clean up the house.” –Lydia, 12-ish
  • “Us” Abigail, 7
  • “Cuddling and hugging her” –Isaiah, 5

3.  What makes Mom laugh?

  • “Jokes and our accents.” –Lydia, 12-ish
  • “When we do funny stuff.” –Abigail, 7
  • “If we say funny stuff.” –Ruby, 7-ish
  • “When we tickle her.” –Zoey, 5-ish

4.  How old is Mom?

  • “33 or 32” –Lydia, 12-ish [winner, for accuracy]
  • “23” –Abigail, 7 [winner, for thoughtfulness]
  • “13” –Ruby, 7-ish
  • “12” –Zoey, 5-ish
  • “43” –Isaiah, 5 [no dessert tonight]

5.  How tall is Mom?      

  • “6 feet” –Lydia, 12-ish
  • “10 feet” –Abigail, 7
  • “14 feet” –Ruby, 7-ish
  • “Big.” –Zoey, 5-ish
  • “A little bit littler than Dad.” –Isaiah, 5

6.  What is Mom’s favorite thing to do?

  • “Talking to Dad” –Lydia, 12-ish
  • “Cuddling and getting stuff done” –Abigail, 7
  • “She wants to go have coffee and alone time.” –Ruby, 7-ish
  • “Eating with us at the table” –Zoey, 5-ish
  • “Play with me and tickle me” –Isaiah, 5

7. What does Mom do when you are not around?

  • “She has quiet time and watches a movie or TV.  She prays.” –Lydia, 12-ish
  • “Clean up” –Abigail, 7
  • “She cleans.” –Ruby, 7-ish
  • “Nothing. I can’t see her when I’m not here.  Pray maybe?” –Zoey, 5-ish

8.  What is Mom really good at?

  • “Telling people about Jesus or helping them.” –Lydia, 12-ish
  • “Painting.” –Abigail, 7
  • “She cooks really good.  She cleans really good.” –Ruby, 7-ish
  • “She is good at making food and making clean.” –Zoey, 5-ish
  • “Cooking and making cakes.” –Isaiah, 5

9.  What is Mom not that good at?

  • “Transforming Transformers.” –Isaiah, 5  [This is the absolute truth.]

10.  Where is Mom’s favorite place to go?

  • “Djibouti.” –Abigail, 7
  • “France.” –Ruby, 7-ish
  • “She likes Dinosaur World like me.” –Isaiah, 5

 11.  What makes you proud of Mom?

  • “I’m proud that she loves and cares about me. She doesn’t want me to get hit by a car. She always says, ‘Wear a helmet!’” –Lydia, 12-ish
  • “When she cleaned up the basement and changed [rearranged] the living room.” –Ruby, 7-ish

12.  What cartoon character should Mom be?

  • “Batman or Spider Man, because I like them” –Lydia, 12-ish
  • “Maybe a Mom character?” –Abigail, 7
  • “Twilight or Rainbow Dash or Girl Spider-Man” –Zoey, 5-ish

13.  What do you and Mom do together?

  • “She tells me about the Bible.  Sometimes we clean and cook together.” –Lydia, 12-ish
  • “Cuddle and paint” –Abigail, 7
  • “She helps me with school.” –Ruby, 7-ish
  • “Pray for each other, talk about what we like, and what to eat” –Zoey, 5-ish
  • “Sometimes she lets me help cook.” –Isaiah, 5

14.  How are you and Mom the same?

  • “Maybe the way we get angry?  We also have brown eyes.” –Lydia, 12-ish

15.  How are you and Mom different?

  • “God make me brown and make Mom white.” –Zoey, 5-ish
  • “She is not a boy.” –Isaiah, 5

16.  How do you know Mom loves you?

  • “Because she always tells me” –Lydia, 12-ish
  • “Cuddles me when I’m hurt” –Abigail, 7
  • “Because she feeds me and buys us clothes.  If we do bad things, she forgives us.” –Ruby, 7-ish
  • “She tells me when it is sleep time.” –Zoey, 5-ish
  • “Because I am her son.” –Isaiah, 5

It is a blessing to see such fruit coming out of the sometimes-painful growth our family has endured over these past months. It is an honor to know that while I am hiding out by the washing machine, contemplating whether or not I have the requisite time and skill to tunnel out through the dryer exhaust vent, these are the five kids who will be tirelessly bellowing out, “MOM!” from two floors above.

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